Why Are Motorcycle Tyres Important?

The most crucial part of avoiding motorcycle accidents and staying safe is to maintain the tyres of your motorcycle as it is the most crucial part of your machine. Also, it the only component in the motorcycle that stays ion contact with the surface of the road. A well-maintained tyre will lead you to your destination securely by improving traction with the road and reducing the misfortunes that you might suffer due to poor weather conditions. A tyre not only sends the power of the motor to the road but also absorbs the shock from the uneven road surfaces.

You safety not only depends on maintaining the tyres but also depends on the choice of tyres. For the peace of mind, you should always invest on the right set of tyres from reputed brands, rather than going for cheap generic tyres that can burst any moment.

Types of tyre

There are a variety of tyres available in the market, but a tyre is primarily of two types: radial and bias. The bias category includes regular bias and bias-belted tyres. A bias-belted comes with more sturdy construction. The difference between a radial and bias tyre is that radial belts go vertically over the tread of the tyre at a 90-degree angle from side to side, but in case of bias, the belts go diagonally over the tread section.  This might not seem to be much of a difference, but it puts a major impact on the handling, braking, wear and rolling resistance.

Choosing the accurate tread design

Not every tyre will suit you and your motorcycle, and every tyre is manufactured for a particular purpose. Even though it might look the same from a distance, but when you inspect the tread design closely, you will be able to spot the difference. You should select the right tyres for your bikes according to your riding style and your motorcycle. If you want tyres for off-road, then you should consider tyres with large knobby treads. If you’re going to ride on-road as well as on mud, then you can go for dual-purpose tyres and lastly, if you just want to ride on the streets, then purchase tyres with less aggressive tread pattern. Street tyres always come with rain grooves that help to channel away the water to offer superior wet grip.

How to inspect the tyres?

If you are wondering that what a tread is, it is the part of the tyre that provides grip. The wear of the tread is directly proportional to the number of times you use your motorcycle. As the tread tends to wear, the grip of the tyres will start to decrease. Most of the tyres come with an indicator that shows it is the time to change them, but if your tyre lacks this feature then you can use a coin and insert it between the treads, and if you are able to see the 1/3rd of the coin, then there’s enough tread life left. Otherwise, it’s time to visit the tyre dealership.

What is the right time to change the tyre?

As mentioned earlier, the tread plays a vital role when it comes to changing the tyre, but there are other factors that help you to figure out the right time to replace the tyres. The age of the tyre puts a significant impact on the safety pf the rider as a tyre is made out of a special compound that tends to degrade with time, especially under direct sunlight. So, if you own a tyre for five years with few km driven and thinking to continue the same tyre, then it might not be the safest decisions. You must check the manufacturing date mentioned on the sidewalls of the tyre and should not use it for more than four to five years.

A tyre is a vital part of your motorcycle that can put an impact on your safety when not appropriately maintained or replaced on time. You should check the air pressure of the tyre regularly and inspect the tread every month to ensure the safety of you as well as your pillion.

August 14, 2020